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Innovative Software Solutions
For Pricing, Analysis & Design
Of Healthcare Plans

Claros Analytics is an actuarial software firm that develops cutting edge software for pricing and analysis of risk in health care plans and health care systems.

Actuarial Advisor, our health benefits rating manual, is used by underwriters, carriers, reinsurers, and consulting actuaries.

The Health Benefits Consulting Suite applications are used by benefits advisors, consultants, TPAs and plan sponsors to credibly model health plan design changes, the risk-reward dynamics of stop loss, and experience-based projection of claims.


Cutting Edge Applications for Analysis & Design of Health Care Plans

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Industry-leading first dollar and stop-loss rating manual.

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Cutting edge capabilities bring you a competitive advantage.

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Customized solutions for risk pricing and contracting negotiation.



Detailed modelling of health plan design; allows for side by side comparisons of benefit designs and circumstances. Graphically shows the impact of changes and potentially mitigate losses.




Sophisticated analysis of the risk/reward tradeoffs in stop-loss structures. Provides employer ample information to properly evaluate the opportunity to move to self-funded plan. Enables a user to provide a detailed comparison of stop-loss structures.




Robust experience analysis based on a consistent and actuarially sound methodology; simulation of employee enrollment in plans based on the group’s experience; set budget rates with analysis and predictive modelling of employee migration between plans.


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Software Solutions

Our software solutions are built on a robust healthcare claims database. The database underlying our model represents medical and pharmacy claims data of more than $100 billion in charges, on more than 10 million commercial, nationwide member lives.

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Consulting Services

Consulting services are available through our partner, Windsor Strategy Partners; a strategic actuarial consulting firm dedicated to helping healthcare clients maintain and grow their businesses. Services include product pricing, model building and data analysis, underwriting, strategic planning and business strategy.

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Strategic Partners

We align ourselves with strategic partners who focus on the challenges and opportunities that influence your business across the healthcare domain.


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